WHO LIVES FOR THE TRUTH! Maat, a sigh and it goes.

“All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain”

Yes, figuratively we could start with that excellent phrase that resonates and humidifies our emotions very well, to give way to the triumphant entrance to one of the most important issues, or perhaps the most important one in which we engage with ourselves, with others and at the same time it breaks us structurally as human beings.

Yes, a subtle caress and in turn a real bomb, a pure violation for our emotional, mental and spiritual psyche. Fertilized at the same time by a natural little seed as infinitely imperceptible and in turn as immensely expandable as the universe, we humans call it … Truth!
Although on the other hand if we prefer to personalize it with the authority that our being possesses, we could call it my truth, and for those who and question everything, its truth. It is not a war of possessive adjectives, nor of wanting to convince anyone as we usually do very often with almost everything, we speak simply of the truth in itself, it destroys usand there is nowhere to escape, each one reaches the truth that he is able to bear, that so simple that we shout inside and that we keep silent, we silence. Why and why? …. perfectly, every person knows theirs, and well, if they know, trying to forget is more comfortable.

In one of those afternoons of frequent philosophical coffee talks, an old friend of those authentic ones who rarely gives you life, philosophizing between coffee and coffee told me an old story, a legend of the time of Merlin and Arturo, of those that you They touch inside. It doesn’t matter if the messages come in the form of a story, the important thing is that if there is a word waiting for you, that resonates and grabs you, then they are worth it, they come alive, they are more than just a story. ¿What things are worth today?

– Arthur’s knights argued and argued with each other, in the end they ended up asking Merlin …

What is the greatest value of a gentleman? …..

– Some said Courage, others Nobility.

– Merlin said:

“The greatest value of a gentleman is very simple, it is the Truth” … (Whole and eternal love of truth).

Today from this blog post I intend figuratively to wield Excalibur stuck in the rock by Merlin, to offer those who are internally able to grab it, remove it from its embedded rock, and once already outside, wield it in hand, lift it and be able to bear the weight so strong and in turn so extremely light of truth.

For this I take the opportunity to relive the message that broke all directions of my course and framed the coordinates into one direction. ¿Who lives for the truth today? … Here I leave this old blog post published years ago by this dearest and old friend; Emilio Couto.



I’ve been collecting statistics on how much I’ve lied.

I get an average of 3 times a day, but I suspect that much more; but I have not managed to remember a day without lies.
I guess I will continue to lie despite realizing, but I have wondered why this need.
All the answers I find are scary; fear of ridicule, danger, loneliness, starvation, not being what I would like etc. etc.
I suppose that I am interested in the truth now.
If the lie is fear, the truth will be courage, value or something.
If I notice that it requires a lot of courage to go with the truth.
But it is also true that for all the fears we lie we do not achieve what is expected.

So I will continue to lie and tell the truth as before; but life based on the lie makes me very sad.
In the end it is comfortable, practical and effective to lie; but those achievements no longer sound like living things; They look like something else, a simulation theater.
Look like many things without being any.

The Egyptians represented the Truth as a feather (Maat); a sigh and it goes.
Having it requires courage; Sensibility and attention worthy of a hero.
I suspect the prize must be very big …




-If I started with a phrase from the Blade Runner movie, I will end up closing this post with another fierce phrase from the movie:

“It is quite an experience to live with fear, truth. That is what it means to be a slave”

Why so afraid to seek the truth inside?.We will find everything except comfort. Rather Truth and Love in capital letters. !!!

Each one reaches the truth that he is able to bear.




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