Santiago de Compostela. «If I go».


You, you were at peace with hell
While you thought it would keep you warm
But now, now that it starts scorching
You want to go to war
We measured, we measured our stature
In jetlags and smooth words and pats on our backs
The good times we once had
Before good became bad, before bad became sad

Now the enemy’s closer than he’s ever been
And I try to keep standing
But I get pulled down from within

If I go…

You, you said we could, you said we would
Keep this thing real
But all I have achieved, the only relief
Is that I am still here
So I wave, I wave at the birds
I wave at the sun and the trees then I fade
Stay, stay you said, stay
Stay, we can make this a useful mistake

A toast to the past and the present gets the pills
I’ll try to stay sober
But I cannot promise anything

If I go…
Will you know?